photo of a deer killed by Garrett Sikesphoto of a deer killed by Garrett Sikesphoto of a deer killed by Garrett Sikes

Hunter: Garrett Sikes

Points: 7 (3L, 4R)

County: Liberty

Season: 2016-2017

Hunt Story

I woke up Sunday morning of opening weekend of bow season with one thing on my mind, and that was to get that deer. After spending the day celebrating my grandma's birthday, I was very anxious to get out in the woods with my dad. Once we got to the property and I was settled in my stand, it was two hours before I saw anything. Two does came from my left, and they fed for about five minutes, when all of a sudden they both lifted their heads and stared into the woods for a solid minute. The next thing you know, the does take off back from where they came from. I thought for a moment that the deer were gone and my hunt was over. I heard a noise from the direction that the does were staring, and out came the big 7-pointer. I knew it was him because we had many pictures of him on our game cam. He turned broadside looking toward where the does ran. He was 27 yards away. I aimed my crossbow behind his shoulder, squeezed the trigger, and he turned and ran back from where he came. I heard the deer run about 50 yards into the woods, and I heard him crash. I called my dad and told him that I shot a big buck, and he said he was on his way and for me to stay put. When my dad got there, I got out of my stand, went to the place that the deer was standing and found blood. We followed the blood trail into the woods, and within five minutes I found my buck. It was a good day to be in the deer woods.
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