photo of a deer killed by Garrett Bennettphoto of a deer killed by Garrett Bennettphoto of a deer killed by Garrett Bennett

Hunter: Garrett Bennett

Points: 12 (7L, 5R)

County: Early

Season: 2019-2020

Hunt Story

I had this deer on camera since early August. Easily recognizable due to split brow tines. Wanted to target him with bow. Got into stand at approximately 5:10 PM. Had a young 6-point and an older, mature thick horned 6-point come in to feed on corn cobs around 5:45. Had a young 4-point come in about 6 that spooked of of my trail where I walked in. Then had a doe and yearling approach from behind me and turn back into woods. I was on my summit viper climbing stand approximately 22 feet up a hardwood with thick cover around and underneath me. At approximately 7:10 the one I was looking for came in and in short order presented a broad side shot. I let my 2-blade mechanical rage fly from my Mathews DXT and heard a solid “thud” at 23 yards. The deer buckled both fronts legs but managed to regain his balance and bolted off. After approximately 15 minutes I got down and began to track him. Approximately 10 minutes into tracking I flushed him up and he took off. Marked my spot and returned with some help approximately 75 minutes later. No luck after blood trail ran out, headed home at 10:00. Returned the next morning with land owner helping me track and we found him after about 15 minutes in some privet hedge around a big oak approximately 250 yards from where I shot him. Great hunt. Great deer.
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