photo of a deer killed by Gage Lindseyphoto of a deer killed by Gage Lindseyphoto of a deer killed by Gage Lindsey

Hunter: Gage Lindsey

Points: 10 (6L, 4R)

County: Washington

Season: 2017-2018

Hunt Story

It all started the first week of November when me and my dad were hunting and my grandpa texted us and said that there was a big buck standing in the front yard of his house. Well, we didn't know how big, so we put up a camera on a tree in the front yard the next day. That weekend my dad was going out of town to the GA/Fla game, and I was staying with my Grandpa. I wanted to go hunting, so my Grandpa got me up and we went out onto the front porch and were watching the field. It wasn't very long before I saw a big buck across the cow pasture chasing some does around. I got set up and took a shot. I knew I had hit the buck by the way he jumped. I called my dad and told him and he didn't believe me. When I told him where the buck was at when I shot, he said that was 250 yards away. My Grandpa and brother started tracking the buck, but we ran out of blood and never could find him. I was upset. My dad told me to check the camera and see if we had a picture of what I may have shot. Well after checking the camera, there was a picture of the big 10-point. We assumed that it may have been the one I shot. We never did find the buck or get other pictures until the first of December when he showed back up on camera. I had hit the buck low in the leg. He was using three legs to get around, but was coming to a feeder every day, mostly at night. My dad and I started hunting him hoping I could get a second chance at him. We had hunted him for 23 afternoons before he finally came out before dark. I was able to get a second shot at him and he ran off. We gave him time to go down and finally recovered him after about 400 yards. I was very excited to kill my biggest buck ever.
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