photo of a deer killed by Fuad Dahmanphoto of a deer killed by Fuad Dahmanphoto of a deer killed by Fuad Dahman

Hunter: Fuad Dahman

Points: 12 (7L, 5R)

County: Worth

Season: 2022-2023

Hunt Story

I got into the stand around 3:00 pm on my 10 acres. I didn't see anything until around 5:00 pm I decided to try a couple doe bleats and grunted twice. After about 5 minutes I heard a deer walking in the woods and she stopped and was sniffing looking dead at me. She finally started stomping out onto my property, then I heard her two fawns coming right behind her. When they stopped I heard some heavier footsteps coming behind them. The fawns finally come out behind the momma and then the heavy footsteps got closer. The buck finally came stomping out right after the momma who then turned around and ran right back into the woods. I quickly picked up my .308, aimed, flipped off safety and shot him just before he could get back into woods. He ran 30 yards and I heard him crash my biggest buck to date!
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