photo of a deer killed by Franklyn Headrickphoto of a deer killed by Franklyn Headrickphoto of a deer killed by Franklyn Headrick

Hunter: Franklyn Headrick

Points: 5 (3L, 2R)

County: Taylor

Season: 2019-2020

Hunt Story

On the morning of 11/26/2019 I woke him up at 5:15 am, drank a glass of hot chocolate as we got ready. By 6:00 he was already begging to go get in his blind that i had set up and had put a 25-lb bag of draw at the night before after we had missed an opportunity at a bigger buck as we could not stop him long enough for him to get a good ethical shot on as they had already eaten all the draw at the location. At roughly 7:43 I responded to a post in a Facebook group congratulating him on his first deer kill (doe) on 11/24/2019. After posting he was asking for his first apple snack when I looked up in the cut row and saw that the buck was already standing in the road eating on the draw moving left to right and then right to left. I quickly told him to get ready because there was a buck at the feed and we needed to move quick. He quickly stepped up to the gun on his dead shot field pod where I was able to help him get set up for an ethical shot before he could leave the cut row. He patiently waited till I took the safety off and gave him the go ahead on the shot. He reached for the trigger, slowly pulled and watched his FIRST BUCK drop in his tracks! After about 2 minutes of him not moving and him being so excited I gave him the ok to go get his momma and sissy (2 years old) from camp (roughly) 70 yards from tine blind through a food plot where they were already getting ready to come join us in the blind for our last morning hunt. Upon their return he RAN NON STOP until he got to HIS BUCK still in disbelief that he had done what he thought was impossible! He had worked so patiently and diligently to get prepared for the season, even winning his elementary school talent show (pre k through 5th) (he's pre k) by popping a balloon off a primos scarface decoy with his bow! This boy never ceases to amaze me and lives for the outdoors whether it's hunting or fishing!
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