photo of a deer killed by Frankie Quarlesphoto of a deer killed by Frankie Quarlesphoto of a deer killed by Frankie Quarles

Hunter: Frankie Quarles

Points: 14 (8L, 6R)

County: Dooly

Season: 2020-2021

Hunt Story

On 9/22/20 I was sitting on a small section of a field which had persimmons and muscadines that were perfectly ripe. Deer were moving early that evening. I had four small bucks and a doe come by me before 6:30 PM, then around 7:15, there were seven or eight does and yearlings that came in and were feeding within 35 yards of my stand. The lead doe was rearing up and kicking at her "so-called family," as I was videotaping the show. Then all of a sudden every deer under me froze and did that "stare" into the wind that all bowhunters love to see, indicating other possible deer were approaching.... and yes it happened!! Coming into the party were 4 to 5 small bucks and this massive bruiser... the big buck stopped broadside at 25 yards, and when I drew back the only brush in my shooting lane was smack dab on his vitals! I had to slowly back off my draw without spooking all the deer under my stand. Two to three minutes went by and he finally took one step forward to give me a perfect shot. This 235 pound gift from God took an arrow through both lungs. My good friend Randy Collier and I recovered him 150 yards in a stand of pines and we were able to drive Randy's golf cart right to this big beautiful animal. We hunters get to enjoy the Lord's beauty at its finest and this hunt is one that He has blessed me with that I will never forget!!!!!
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