photo of a deer killed by Ethan Masonphoto of a deer killed by Ethan Masonphoto of a deer killed by Ethan Mason

Hunter: Ethan Mason

Points: 5 (2L, 3R)

County: Bibb

Season: 2021-2022

Hunt Story

My dad and I climbed into the stand around 4:00 Saturday afternoon. We were sitting in a box stand that was overlooking a gas line that intersected an overgrown hayfield. We could see several hundred yards in all directions. We saw a really nice buck that was too far to shoot early in the hunt. Then we heard a buck grunting that came out chasing a doe. He was too small. I wanted something bigger. We then had a funky looking spike come out. Still too small for me. Later daddy said he saw a decent buck ahead a couple hundred yards crossing the field going into some thick pines. He turned and came back across the field a few minutes later. He was walking and daddy stopped him with a loud mouth grunt. He gave me a perfect broadside shot at 125 yards. I squeezed the trigger on my rifle and the buck buckled and ran into some high grass and briars. We got down and walked to where the deer had been standing when I shot. We found no blood. Daddy told me to walk around where he was standing and look for blood while he zigzagged through the woods. After about 20 minutes of looking he stumbled on him. My buck only went about 20 yards and fell in the high grass. This is only my second deer ever and also my biggest.
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