photo of a deer killed by Eric Yoderphoto of a deer killed by Eric Yoderphoto of a deer killed by Eric Yoder

Hunter: Eric Yoder

Points: 9 (5L, 4R)

County: Macon

Season: 2018-2019

Hunt Story

On the morning of November 23 I woke up and wasn't sure if I wanted to go hunting. But despite how warm my bed felt, I drug myself out of bed and got ready to go. I saw a buck on my way to the blind but couldn't tell how big he was because it was too dark. I arrived at my blind a couple minutes after legal shooting light, which was 6:43. A little after 7:00 I saw a spike cross one of the three lanes I could see. He was wasting no time in getting across. After seeing the spike I started reading my book again, and about a minute or two after I saw the spike I looked down the same lane he had crossed and saw a big bodied deer cross the lane at about 130 yards, but I was unable to see if it was a buck or doe. At about 7:45 I saw a deer a straight in front of me at 150 yards, but again I was unable to tell whether it was a buck or doe. By this time I thought about it that all three of the deer I had seen were crossing the lane in a matter of seconds. So I decided to put my book down and get my gun ready. At 8:10 I was looking in front of me and saw a really nice buck crossing the lane at 60 yards. Right away I thought it was a buck that I had an encounter with a couple nights before, which was one I was going to let go another year. But I soon realized this was a buck that I had started getting pictures of a couple of weeks before, but had then went missing after a couple days (I figured he was just passing thorough). He was moving through fast but I was able to stop him. After he stopped I wasn't sure yet if I wanted to take him since we knew he was a younger deer, but I decided to, since I had never had the opportunity to take a buck this size. I put the crosshairs right behind his shoulder and shot. He dropped right where he was standing.
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