photo of a deer killed by Emily Mockphoto of a deer killed by Emily Mockphoto of a deer killed by Emily Mock

Hunter: Emily Mock

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Heard

Season: 2019-2020

Hunt Story

Well didn’t make the morning hunt due to Emily being a little under the weather, so we decided to hunt in the evening. Got in stand about 4:45, then she starts coughing every 10 minutes or so, and we were watching cooking videos and talking and scanning the field and wood line for any activity. There were plenty of big rabbits playing and some cardinals flying around. At about 6:40 a big spike is in the wood line staring at our stand and looking back and flicking his tail. Finally after about 15 minutes or so he eases out into the field and starts eating a little, still real nervous. I told Emily to be patient, something is gotta be behind him . Just as I said that I looked down and then Emily grabs my arm going big deer big deer. I said where I get the noculars and glass him I said it’s a big 8 get gun ready! He comes out into the field and stands broadside perfect shot!! She pulls the trigger and he runs off! She said I could have swore I hit him!! We waited a few minutes before getting down. Got down and headed over to the spot no hair and no blood!!!! So we go in the pines and briars where he ran too. We looked for about 20 minutes, and I said let’s ease out and go get more lights and help and eat some hot chili. Fast forward we get help (mom) and more lights and get in the woods about 7:30. We still have no blood or hair or any sign, I am about to give up!! We made a turn back toward field and spread out more almost lost!! I am looking like crazy and then I see him down!! I check him and start shouting I found him!! Their flashlights started looking like strobe lights and there are hollering! Emily is so proud and excited, she dad I told you I hit him. He was found about 50 yards from kill spot. She made a perfect shot but no exit wound. We loaded him up and headed home!
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