photo of a deer killed by Elliott Eastinphoto of a deer killed by Elliott Eastinphoto of a deer killed by Elliott Eastin

Hunter: Elliott Eastin

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Floyd

Season: 2019-2020

Hunt Story

From a Dad's perspective: This guy showed up on our lease on the 25th of October and started making some daylight appearances on Nov 1. We knew where he was and had tried to get him last weekend (middle son got his first buck at the stand he was near). A club member's wife grazed him in the stomach (about 350 yards from the stand) on Tuesday. I pulled the card on our camera and found he was still alive the next day and chasing a doe. My oldest son has yet to shoot a buck in his hunting career, so I told him that the buck was close and he was probably gonna be coming off that doe soon. We hunted Saturday AM/PM and then again Sunday evening. I prayed to the Lord above to just send him an 8-point. With about 15 minutes to go, “the beast” walked right in front of our stand and my son shot him. The deer acted hit and I chose not to do a follow up shot because I was sure he was hit. He ran off in the pines and heard a big crash!!!! I got worried when we climbed down and didn't find blood, anywhere. We backed out, dropped our gear off and brought the truck to our stand. I told him to go back to where he shot it and I would track him where I thought he went in. I prayed again to find this deer for him, picked my head up, walked 5 steps and found him piled up. To say I was excited for him was an understatement. I yelled for my son to quit looking for blood because I found his deer. He ran through the pines to get over to me. We paused, and prayed thanksgiving to God for his blessing. Then we had a big father-son hug.
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