photo of a deer killed by Easton Housworthphoto of a deer killed by Easton Housworthphoto of a deer killed by Easton Housworth

Hunter: Easton Housworth

Points: 9 (4L, 5R)

County: Greene

Season: 2019-2020

Hunt Story

On Sunday morning, October 13th my 9-year-old son Easton and I were hunting out of a box stand overlooking a large creek bottom with white oaks to our right and new cut over to our left. At 7:30 a.m. my son Easton spotted a deer to our right heading toward our stand. As the deer neared, Easton said it was a small buck, which I confirmed with binoculars was a large cow horn spike. As the spike was closing the distance and about to pass right in front of our stand, I was paying full attention to this deer when Easton whispered to me that he saw a larger buck coming down the same trail to our right. With his hand outreached, he said, "Dad, hand me the gun, here comes a big buck." I could tell in his voice he was serious, and as I looked over I instantly knew this was a buck to let him shoot. I handed the gun to Easton, and as he began the process of getting the 7mm-08 into position out of the box stand, the buck spotted him, became nervous and ran down the hill and across the creek stopping about 80 yards out in front of us. The buck was fairly broadside and once I confirmed Easton had him in the scope and a clear shot, I told him to take a deep breath, relax, and squeeze the trigger. As the gun sounded, the buck immediately folded up right where he stood. Easton said; "I got him, Dad." The excitement begin to set in as we both begin to realize what had just happened. We were out of our seats hugging and high-fiving. We called my older son, Hunter and once he arrived 15 minutes later, we all went to retrieve the buck together. Since it all happened so fast, it wasn’t until then that we knew what Easton had harvested. It turned out to be a 9-pointer. This is Easton's second dDeer ever and his best buck to date. I am a super proud dad and it was an awesome hunt that we will all never forget.
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