photo of a deer killed by Earl Warrenphoto of a deer killed by Earl Warrenphoto of a deer killed by Earl Warrenphoto of a deer killed by Earl Warren

Hunter: Earl Warren

Points: 7 (4L, 3R)

County: White

Season: 2022-2023

Hunt Story

Deer was about 100 yards away walking and finally came into shooting lane. Put him in scope and took what I thought was a good broadside shot. Thought I had missed as deer ran off the way he came. Stayed in stand cussing myself for missing until I got out of my stand at 10:30 and headed toward where I shot. Came upon this tree in my line of sight and said to myself no wonder I had missed. Walked about 5 yards past and saw his tracks. looked all around for blood and hair. Nothing. Was about to leave and finally saw a small piece of hair. Got mildly excited. Followed tracks of his retreat from 8:30 a.m. nothing for about 25 yards and then saw a small spec of blood on grass. Continued following path of his retreat across 4-wheeler road into more grass for another 25 yards or so. Spotted more blood. Then more and more blood. Looked up and he was lying there looking at me... almost dead. The extra stress on him seeing me pumped his blood faster and he expired just as I approached him. Moral of the story is to always go check the area thoroughly after your shot as you will never know otherwise. The 2nd moral is that hitting a tree with your bullet doesn't always mean that you won't get your deer. My .35 Marlin I've had for almost 45 years did the trick once again... even going thru a tree--gotta love it!
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