photo of a deer killed by Dylan Masonphoto of a deer killed by Dylan Masonphoto of a deer killed by Dylan Mason

Hunter: Dylan Mason

Points: 2 (1L, 1R)

County: Monroe

Season: 2019-2020

Hunt Story

My older brother killed his first deer on the opening weekend of this year's youth season. I told my daddy that it was my turn to kill my first deer. He took me to the same stand that my brother killed his. There were acorns all over the ground, so he said it would be a good place to sit. We got set up and a little doe came out. I couldn’t see it, but it didn’t matter anyways. I wanted my first to be a buck. A few minutes later we had six turkeys come out. After they left I started playing my game. Then my daddy said another deer was coming out and that it was a buck. He took my game and got me in his lap. He helped me get the gun on the rail of the stand and on my shoulder. I got him in the scope. He said when the deer stops, shoot him. The deer kept walking, and daddy made a sound to stop him. I got the scope on his shoulder, and then I started shaking and couldn’t breath. I pulled the trigger and my deer just dropped right there. I killed my first deer, and it was bigger than my brother’s. I’m still excited.
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