photo of a deer killed by Dusty Brownphoto of a deer killed by Dusty Brownphoto of a deer killed by Dusty Brown

Hunter: Dusty Brown

Points: 11 (5L, 6R)

County: Floyd

Season: 2018-2019

Hunt Story

I had been watching this deer on trail cam for months. He was coming to a corn feeder at least every other night, but only at night. I finally got a daylight picture on Oct. 10 just before gun season. That being the only one, I knew he was going to be tough to kill if he stayed nocturnal. Needless to say I have put a huge amount of time in the stand, but it finally paid off. The morning was very foggy, and after a little luck of my daughter's cancelled soccer tournament, I found myself with a great opportunity to get in the woods. I had a nice 10-point come through about 8:00 that morning. I took a good look at him, but he was not the one I was after. I was on the verge of getting impatient, and was starting to think someone else may have gotten my trophy as I had not seen him on camera in a week or so. The morning rolls on and the fog lifts. It's beautiful, clear and starting to warm up. I had not seen any other activity and was literally getting ready to head out when I just happen to see movement coming though the trees down the hill. I went ahead and pulled up on my lane as I figured it was a doe running. Sure enough she came zooming by, and he was right behind her. I yelled out, he hit the brakes, and the rest is history. I watched him run about 40 yards and buckle up. At this point my daughter (who was in my house about 200 yards behind me) had heard the shot and was blowing my phone up because she knew there was only one thing I was pulling the trigger for. I checked him with my binoculars, and when I was sure he has expired I headed out and told her to come on down. It was truly a blessing to have the opportunity to harvest such a fine animal. Here's to hoping it is a new county record!
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