photo of a deer killed by Drew Taylorphoto of a deer killed by Drew Taylorphoto of a deer killed by Drew Taylor

Hunter: Drew Taylor

Points: 10 (4L, 6R)

County: Upson

Season: 2021-2022

Hunt Story

I was actually walking back to my truck when a small spike crossed the path in front of me. I let him walk off before moving any further. I then proceeded down the road/path, once I got to where the Spike had crossed, he jumped back out of the edge of the woods right in front of me and blew at me once. I then noticed another buck standing behind where he had come from, I couldn't see him well but could tell that it was a nice 8-pointer with good brow tines. I decided to take the shot because I was tired and frustrated with not seeing any good bucks from my stand for the past few weeks... Once I shot the 8-pointer, 3 other bucks scattered, 1 of which was a large 10-pointer that I had been after all season. I decided to chase after him on foot... I got to a rise where I could see where he went and noticed that he was just standing about 100 yards from me looking back in my direction. I didn't waste any time and shot him also. It was a great day to be a hunter! I had not killed a buck in the last 2 seasons because I wanted to kill a "big" one! The 10-pointer is the largest buck that we have seen on camera this season, so I feel like it was a great success, even though I have no chance at winning a week.
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