photo of a deer killed by Drew Cokerphoto of a deer killed by Drew Cokerphoto of a deer killed by Drew Coker

Hunter: Drew Coker

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Habersham

Season: 2018-2019

Hunt Story

My dad and I use to hunt Lake Russell WMA each year but haven't in about 6 years because we had been leasing land in Madison County and spent our time down there. We lost that land this year, so we've been hunting family land and WMAs this year and decided to go up to Lake Russell and try our luck on the Thanksgiving week hunt. We usually hunt the same general area and try to get away from everyone, so we got up there early and made the 2 mile hike to our spot. We split up and about 30 minutes after daylight I heard my dad shoot and found out he shot an 8-point and had some more small bucks and does around him. About 9:30 I hear something walking up the ridge, so I get ready only to see a pair of orange vests come into sight and right under me. After they leave I decide to climb down and relocate (boy am I glad I did). I walk about 200 yards and sit on the ground on the edge of a nole overlooking two hardwood ridges. I get my grunt call out and make a few doe bleats along with a couple of grunts and suddenly see movement about 100 yards away on the ridge in front of me. I look through my binoculars and instantly see it's a shooter. I get my gun up, but he goes down in a ditch and disappears for what seemed like forever. I make another doe bleat and hear him start walking my way again. He walks up the ridge straight toward me, so I waited and waited and waited until he finally turned and offered a broadside shot. After the shot he ran about 50 yards then piled up. Shortly after my dad came over and was almost as speechless as I was and then said with a smile, "You just had to outdo me didn't you?" After a couple hugs and high fives we realized we had a long day ahead of us and started the two mile trek back to the truck... but we weren't going back empty handed.
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