photo of a deer killed by Dotty Daltonphoto of a deer killed by Dotty Daltonphoto of a deer killed by Dotty Dalton

Hunter: Dotty Dalton

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Jasper

Season: 2017-2018

Hunt Story

I decided to go hunting after my husband had left five minutes prior to go hunting himself. Something told me to go. I got in my stand at 5:15. I had some does come in. I watched them feed for a little while, and then they left the field. I wasn't sure what spooked them. An hour later, they returned and continued feeding on sawtooth acorns. Once again, they left the field. So I kept my eyes pealed, that's when I saw the young 6-point, who has been running with the 8-point. We have been seeing these two bucks together on game cam pics and while hunting. At about 7:30, I saw the 8-pointer walking toward me, getting closer and closer in range. Once in range (40 and closer), I knew I was going to take him. He fed under this sawtooth oak tree for what seemed like eternity perfectly broadside but behind a small brushpile just blocking my kill zone. He's been out of range on two other occasions. I prayed Lord if it's your will that I take this buck tonight, you will make it happen. Well, the buck circled around the tree crunching on nuts and walked directly into my crosshairs. I ranged him again to make sure he was at 37 yards, yep we're good. I let my arrow fly, and he quickly turned around and walked to the other side of the tree orchard and turned back around and looked my way. He took a few more steps into the brushpile and piled up. My husband met me at my deer stand, we retrieved my arrow, walked home and put our gear up and retrieved my buck around 8:04 pm.
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