photo of a deer killed by Donna Owenbyphoto of a deer killed by Donna Owenbyphoto of a deer killed by Donna Owenby

Hunter: Donna Owenby

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Monroe

Season: 2022-2023

Hunt Story

I saw the buck the first morning of the hunt, and watched him for 45 agonizing minutes feeding about 85 yards away with too much low canopy between he and I for me to get a clean shot. I waited two and a half hours after last seeing him to climb down and move my stand into a position to get a shot if he came back to the bottom to feed sometime in the next three mornings. It was my last morning to hunt, 8:15 am does began to filter thru the bottom and up the ridge. They were sparing and grunting at one another. I watched them head up toward the planted pines out of sight. Just a few minutes passed then does started running all over the ridge, I saw a big-bodied deer in the edge of the planted pines just chasing a doe. I heard more deer coming from my left, two more does, they stopped near the bottom to watch what was going on up on the ridge. I decided to grunt 3 or4 times, and within 1 minute I saw movement to my left on the ridge. It was a good buck. As I was watching him trying not to lose sight of him in the low canopy, I caught movement to my right on the ridge, another good buck! I was pretty excited by this time, so I waited to see if one of those bucks would come to check out that grunt, well this fella was the first one to come in.
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