photo of a deer killed by Don Chandlerphoto of a deer killed by Don Chandlerphoto of a deer killed by Don Chandler

Hunter: Don Chandler

Points: 12 (6L, 6R)

County: Worth

Season: 2021-2022

Hunt Story

I was hunting on a powerline that had a 3-acre food plot. I had seen a good 8-point just after sunrise but elected to pass on him in that he looked young. A few minutes later several doe entered the plot and began to feed. Not long after, a young buck came into the field and began harassing the does which caused them to leave. All was quiet for the next hour. Around 9:30 a doe came running across the power line with two large bucks right on her heels. They ran within 100 yards of my stand and stopped. I shot the larger of the two bucks. At the shot the buck dropped in his tracks. Due to the height of the vegetation, I was unable to see the downed buck. I waited 10 minutes to make sure that he was finished, then climbed out of the stand. The buck was a typical 6 x 6 and weighed 208 lbs. live weight. He was very run down from the rut. I feel fortunate to have harvested such a magnificent buck.
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