photo of a deer killed by DJ Coxphoto of a deer killed by DJ Coxphoto of a deer killed by DJ Cox

Hunter: DJ Cox

Points: 6 (3L, 3R)

County: Clarke

Season: 2021-2022

Hunt Story

Papa and I got into the blind around 6:45 in the morning. It was very quiet up until 8:45 when I thought I saw a deer sneaking thru the bushes. A few minutes later a 6-pointer appeared, being very cautious and wondering if it was safe. Finally he was in a prime shooting place and I took my shot. He was off and running as soon as the bolt hit him. We waited 30 minutes, then got down and went to the truck to drop some gear off. We found the bolt covered in blood and after a short blood trail we found him in an open area. We saw it was a double lung shot and Papa field dressed him. I drug him to the old road and Papa drove the truck over and I helped him load the deer. My family was real proud of me.
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