photo of a deer killed by Dewayne Goodwinphoto of a deer killed by Dewayne Goodwinphoto of a deer killed by Dewayne Goodwin

Hunter: Dewayne Goodwin

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Rockdale

Season: 2018-2019

Hunt Story

It was my first hunt of the year due to the hot weather and because I have been engaged in building a new home. My son, Jason, was alarmed that I had not been hunting and insisted that I go hunting with him. To make things even sweeter, my daughter, Candis, came up from Albany. She also loves to hunt. We all hunt with bows only. The evening became cooler and the wind was coming from the west. It was a perfect set for our three stands that were in close proximity to one another. It was a productive night. I saw several does and was thrilled that I was not losing several pints of blood by them dang pterodactyl mosquitoes. I just made several grunt calls and a doe came in. I texted my daughter and told her to try her grunt call. As I was watching the doe, she started acting a little funny. She turned her body and started looking directly into the privet thicket and then she walked off. I let her walk out of sight, and I hit my grunt call again 3 times about 3 seconds apart. A buck then came directly into the grunt call about 15 yards broadside lIke he was on a string at around 6:45 p.m. The buck came from a privet thicket on the trail. My son and I hung this stand up back in July. Good ol' sweat equity and ticks. I would not trade it for nothing when a set comes together just like you imagined it. I shot him with a Rage broadhead, and I watched him run off for about 60 yards just before it fell off to a hill with a creek at the bottom. Thank God that was as far as the buck went. The coolest thing about it was being with my son Jason and my daughter Candis doing the tracking and recovery. There isn't a drug of any kind that can replace that high and being apart of several adults jumping around and hollering on the top of a ridge. This was all in the dead of night. Nothing else matters at that time. THANK GOD for that opportunity. BOW HUNTING THE ULTIMATE HIGH ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU SHARE THE WOODS WITH FAMILY
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