photo of a deer killed by Derrick Burdenphoto of a deer killed by Derrick Burdenphoto of a deer killed by Derrick Burden

Hunter: Derrick Burden

Points: 12 (6L, 6R)

County: Elbert

Season: 2020-2021

Hunt Story

I have been chasing this deer all season. He was very smart, I had trail-cam pics in daylight only a few times. So I set up on a trail about 200 yards from a feeder he frequently visited at dark. The pictures I did have of him in daylight were on rainy nasty days. So decided to hunt the stand I set up for him yesterday afternoon which was a rainy day and it paid off. I had only been in the 5 minutes when he came slipping up the trail. I drew my bow when I saw him walking up the trail, still sitting in my lock-on tree stand. I did not even have time to stand, he stopped at about 15 yards quartering to me. He stopped and looked up at me, and I released the arrow hitting him right behind the shoulder. He bolted off, I knew I had a good hit. I waited about 30 minutes, got down started looking for blood trailed him about 100 yards lost blood backed out. It started raining, and I got worried I was not going to be able to find him. Called a friend Jeff Andrews who has a great tracking dog to pursue the buck. The dog did a awesome job lead us straight to him. He had will too live ran almost 250 yards with a double lung. I verified when field dressing the deer. I so relieved that the target buck was down.
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