photo of a deer killed by Derick Shorephoto of a deer killed by Derick Shorephoto of a deer killed by Derick Shore

Hunter: Derick Shore

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Upson

Season: 2018-2019

Hunt Story

Got in stand around 3:30 overlooking a food plot with oaks on my right and behind me and a creek beyond them on the right. Around 5 o'clock I heard what sounded like deer hitting the creek in a full run, so I figured it was a buck chasing a doe so I got ready. Then I heard grunting, so I started grunting back and snort wheezing a couple of times. It seemed like I got him interested, and I believe he lost track of his doe because I heard another deer go past me on my right. I just kept grunting every now and then and wheezed one more time. He sounded like he was thrashing bushes or making a rub, and he'd grunt every now and then so I knew he was still there. This went on for a while. Then a spike crossed the plot a little farther down from where I was hearing him, so I didn't think that was what I was hearing. Then I heard footsteps from my right and behind me, finally I saw that it was a doe. She went past me on my right then out of sight going toward him. I could still hear her walking a little ways, then she turned left and popped out into the plot and started across. It's about a one acre plot, and she made it about halfway across, then he came walking out right behind her. The right side of my plot is more or less a lake right now because of all the rain. She had walked through it, and he was walking through it, too. I raised my rifle and scoped him and took my time to aim cause he didn't have a clue I was there. I squeezed the trigger and dropped him right there in he water. He thrashed a couple of times and then was still. Great hunt and a great day!
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