photo of a deer killed by Debby DeRochephoto of a deer killed by Debby DeRochephoto of a deer killed by Debby DeRoche

Hunter: Debby DeRoche

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Forsyth

Season: 2015-2016 (Week 11)

Hunt Story

Had seen this deer on the trail cam just days before so knew he was in the area. Been hunting hard the last few weeks and let multiple small bucks walk. (along with a parade of does). Had not hunted this particular stand this season except the evening before. Went out before daybreak and got settled in the stand. Heard movement behind me and then saw a deer silhouetted in the food plot, but it was still too dark to make out for sure if it was the buck I was after. He slipped back into the thicket. Later, noticed privet behind me moving, and zeroed in on a doe. Watched her make her way through the thicket to another large privet. She was followed by a spike a few minutes later, then heard them take off up the hill. A couple hours later, heard a major skirmish behind me. Glanced behind me and saw nothing. So I quietly stood in the stand and turned around to determine if it was just squirrels I heard earlier, but then saw a large doe coming out of the same privet the small doe had come from. Pulled up my rifle and waited. The buck came out just minutes later and followed the same path as the doe. Waited for him to step between trees and brush and pulled the trigger. Dropped him on the spot! Let him expire, then went and drug him out. Very excited to get this guy, and so glad I let all the 4's, 6's, and does walk! Used my new Muddy Girl 7mm-08 bolt action on him. shot him while husband was at work. Drug him out and iced him down myself. Steve had him cleaned and quartered by the time I got home from church. (so only a selfie pic)
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