photo of a deer killed by Debbie Andrewsphoto of a deer killed by Debbie Andrewsphoto of a deer killed by Debbie Andrews

Hunter: Debbie Andrews

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Morgan

Season: 2022-2023

Hunt Story

About a week before I shot this deer my husband said, you ought to go hunting even though he was working and I wasn’t able to make it. I saw this deer on the camera later that evening. I realized I may have messed up because it was the first time he was out in shooting light. He had been nocturnal and I didn’t see him again all week. I thought I may have missed my opportunity. The Monday after Thanksgiving wasn’t such a great day and I told my husband I wanted to go hunting and sit in the peace and quit. I needed to find solace in the events is the day. I got in the stand around 3:30 PM by myself and there wasn’t much action. Right before dark I said the Lord's Prayer (I am not a fan of the dark woods 😊) and then I looked up to see a doe casually eating. Shortly after here comes the. Icky I had been hunting with a doe by his side and stops to sniff the air. Beautiful scene but I didn’t have a good shot. A tree was blocking my shot so I had to wait for him to walk out a little further…..Well, he did! I looked through my scope, took a deep breath and got him. Interestingly enough, my husband Will texted me and said, you got him. He heard my shot from our backyard and about the time I shot, he gets a notification on his phone from our Tactacam Reveal Camera and saw that I made a good shot! That was cool. We waited about an hour and followed the blood trail in a full circle to find him only 35 yards from where I shot. God blessed me with a nice deer.
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