photo of a deer killed by Deanna Shepardphoto of a deer killed by Deanna Shepardphoto of a deer killed by Deanna Shepard

Hunter: Deanna Shepard

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Bleckley

Season: 2020-2021

Hunt Story

I got up in my stand a little before sunrise on my birthday. I decided to carry my bow with me because I had seen a couple of deer off of this stand and hoped one would come by close enough for me to get a shot. A little after eight, I saw some movement in the thick and was excited to see the 8-point poke his head out and continue to walk toward me. As he continued on his path, I stood and drew back my bow. When he was about 15 yards away, I released my arrow and stuck him hard in the side. He took off in the direction he was originally headed. I sat patiently and waited about 45 mins before I descended my stand and began tracking him. I followed a small blood trail about 30 yards and lost the trail. I decided to return home until my husband returned from work so he could help continue tracking with me. Not 30 minutes after we both returned to pick up the trail, my husband found him laying less than 100 yards from my stand. This is my very first bow kill and a great birthday gift to myself. One I’m sure I will never forget.
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