photo of a deer killed by Deanna Shepardphoto of a deer killed by Deanna Shepardphoto of a deer killed by Deanna Shepard

Hunter: Deanna Shepard

Points: 11 (6L, 5R)

County: Bleckley

Season: 2017-2018

Hunt Story

I made my way to my ladder stand around 4 p.m., then I climbed up and sat for about 5 minutes when I noticed that the wind was blowing from my back. I didn't have a good feeling. I climbed down and changed to my bow stand that would put the wind in my face. I hadn't hunted this stand since firearm season started because the line of sight was much shorter and I knew if anything came in it would have to be close for me to see it. Just as the sun was setting, a doe made its way straight toward me and to my right. I watched it in my scope but settled back knowing I wasn't going to shoot it. I heard something coming through the thick behind it and set my eyes to the edge of the brush. Darkness was fast approaching, and I knew I wouldn't be able to see for long. The buck came in right behind her, on my right. Since I shoot right handed, I struggled to turn to make the shot. As soon as he walked behind a couple trees, I stood up quickly and positioned myself for the shot. Appearing that he caught a glimpse of my movement, he stopped in his tracks about 30 yards away and looked directly at me, and I fired. He took off down the trail, and all I could hear was the brush rustling. Just moments later a doe ran in back by me with a buck hot on her tail. Thinking I may have missed the first time, I hollered hoping to get him to stop, so I could make another shot but with no luck. After they ran out of my sight, I got down and started looking where I thought the buck was standing when I took the shot for a blood trail. I texted my husband and told him to bring the spotlight and help me look. He pulled the truck down the trail to where I was and got out. I hollered for him to come help, but he just stood there by the truck. His truck lights were shining on my buck that had fallen right in the trail. I quickly ran over to see my harvest. This is the 4th consecutive year that I've harvested a trophy buck and my second 11-point.
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