photo of a deer killed by David McFarlinphoto of a deer killed by David McFarlinphoto of a deer killed by David McFarlin

Hunter: David McFarlin

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Pickens

Season: 2022-2023

Hunt Story

I saw a spike feeding early but nothing else. The wind began blowing just before 11 a.m. so I got down from my stand and walked over the pine ridge behind me to check a camera in that hollow. I unlocked the cable and began to remove it from the camera as I caught movement in my peripheral vision. It was a doe being followed by a small buck. I got up against the tree to watch and saw antlers and a big body coming behind the small buck. I took aim and pulled the trigger, nothing but a click. I worked the bolt on my rifle as the doe and small buck went out of site. The big buck stopped. Got him in my scope again and pulled the trigger. This time the rifle fired. The buck spun and ran down the hill straight toward me. It passed about 30 ft in front of me and jumped the drainage ditch that I had just crossed. It collapsed on the other side and fell back into the ditch. I just purchased this little 15-acre tract back in March. Six days ago I harvested a smaller 8-point on the other side of the property. Blessed indeed.
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