photo of a deer killed by David Lee of a deer killed by David Lee of a deer killed by David Lee Jr.

Hunter: David Lee Jr.

Points: 11 (6L, 5R)

County: Twiggs

Season: 2021-2022

Hunt Story

I have had this deer on camera for 2 years. I watched him grow and become more nocturnal every month. I have him in velvet in July and fully grown out as recent as last night at 2:50 AM. I was in the wrong stand last Sunday morning as evidenced by a 7:05 AM photo of him near a feeder camera. It was a huge blow to not get him last week as that was the first daylight photo I had ever gotten during the season. This morning I decided to go with a stand in a hardwood bottom which overlooks clearcut from last year. I almost didn’t go to this area as our adjacent neighbors are clearcutting but I banked on the logging crew not showing this weekend. The play turned out to be a good decision as the crew slept in. The morning started with a nervous doe in my shooting lane. Then around 6:45, two twin 6-points came out and crossed within 5 yards of me. After the early deer there was little activity and I debated on moving stands further away from all the logging that occurred all week. However, I hung in and around 9:00 I noticed movement down a recent cut road next to the clear cut. The body was large and moving fast but was within 30 yards so I froze. Next, antlers were visible everywhere and I begged Jesus to make him slow down. There was a large white oak which I decided to grab my rifle as soon as he was blocked. Of course my power on my scope was turned up way too high and I knew I would have to take a quick shot as he closed the range from 30 yards to 15. He came in view and I hollered to try to get him to stop. He did pause and he was quickly harvested with a close range lung shot. It was an awesome morning I will never forget!
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