photo of a deer killed by David Hollumsphoto of a deer killed by David Hollumsphoto of a deer killed by David Hollums

Hunter: David Hollums

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Coweta

Season: 2023-2024

Hunt Story

Had a history with this deer for the past four years, we have Honeysuckles and Muscadine all along the wood line in our backyard and always saw him returning from turkey hunting. Decided to see what he would turn into so we started feeding protein and corn. The hunting season of 2022, I got a shot the second week of Bow season but hit the front shoulder, looked but couldn't find him. 30 days later he showed back up at the feeder, so decided not to hunt him till 2023 season. He was a beauty coming in regular right up till the Thursday before the opener then he disappeared, didn't see Friday morning or Friday night even Saturday morning. I know I can't hunt him in the morning because the deer stay around feeder from 3:00 am-8:00am, so I decided to go hang my stand set at 1:00pm for the evening hunt. Got in the stand at 5:30 pm and waited, I knew it was going to be hard to get drawn on him with all those bucks and does around, but to my surprise he was the first deer in. I first saw him at 75yds. but he was so spooky, it took him 30 mins to come in to where I could get a shot. At that moment a doe came in to the feeder and the buck's attention was drawn to her, that gave the perfect quartering away shot at 27 yards. when I heard that sound of the arrow hitting its mark and heard him run for brief distances I called Justin and Joshua my sons who were bowhunting themselves. They asked me did I had seen him fall, and to tell you the truth, everything moved so quickly, I didn't realize that he was laying 30 yards away. Thank God they came over and dragged him out and took him to the cooler for me. You know there are things in this Life that are meant to be and this was one of those, I've never been able to harvest a buck on my own property until now. What a wonderful end to this buck's life!
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