photo of a deer killed by David Dyer IIIphoto of a deer killed by David Dyer IIIphoto of a deer killed by David Dyer III

Hunter: David Dyer III

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Baldwin

Season: 2016-2017 (Week 8)

Hunt Story

I picked up a new piece of property to hunt this year and immediately put out several trail cameras. I had some pictures back in the summer of some nice bucks in velvet, but did not get my first picture of this deer until they were hard antlered in early October. After getting the initial pictures of him I tried to concentrate more of my cameras in that area of the property and set them up on the numerous scrapes I had found. I ended up getting several pictures of him, but he wasn't exactly a regular. I was seeing a few deer and several nice bucks, but was holding out for him. After many hours in the stand focusing on no other deer but him, he finally made a mistake. I had seen three younger bucks during the morning that were pushing does and heard several other "chases" that were within ear shot, but was unable to see them. I feel like this buck was involved in those chases, but he was alone when I shot him. I was sitting on a defined edge where planted pines meet a hardwood drain that had several white oak trees dropping. This buck was skirting through the pines quartering away from me when I was able to catch a glimpse of him at roughly 125 yards. My opportunities to shoot him were going to be minimal due to the lack of visibility in the direction he was headed. I decided I would go for broke and snort wheezed at him. At that point I was unable to see him, but he obviously heard it. The next time I saw him he was at 100 yards and was slightly quartering to me. At that point he was in a good open spot and I shot him immediately. He dropped roughly 30 yards from where he was initially hit. Very good hunt and was able to share it with my son, who was sitting about 150 yards from me.
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