photo of a deer killed by David Boltonphoto of a deer killed by David Boltonphoto of a deer killed by David Bolton

Hunter: David Bolton

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Burke

Season: 2023-2024

Hunt Story

I was hunting family land in Burke County for the first time this year. The acorns were falling heavily from the white oaks, so I chose to hunt a white oak hillside that sloped down into a thick bottom right next to a railroad track. I also had an agricultural field planted in peanuts 100 yards up the hill. I left for my stand at 3 p.m. I eased to my stand with falling acorns and leaves masking my footsteps. I had climbed 3 rungs up when I looked behind me down in the bottom and saw a 4-point buck feeding on acorns about 65 yards away. I slowly climbed while watching him until I got to the top. I then saw a doe close to him. She had not seen me either but she seemed a little nervous so she slowly walked towards the RR tracks and crossed over. The 4-pointer followed her and I was able to climb in the stand and quickly got set up. I was set at 3:20. About 15 minutes later, three does came in and began feeding in the same clearing down in the bottom. They fed for about 15 minutes when the does and I all heard a deer walking down the hillside towards the bottom. I could see movement through thick brush and through my binoculars I saw a really nice set of antlers. I eased my rifle up and pointed it down at the clearing where the does were. The buck slowly walked into the clearing. I saw a large rack with 10 points and a really good spread so I decided to try and take him. He stopped broadside and I aimed for his left shoulder and squeezed the trigger. He dropped on the spot and did not move. The does refused to leave even after I threw my cushion down so I had to slowly ease down the ladder. When I stepped into the leaves they turned to see me and ran off. The buck was a nice 10-pointer with a 16-inch inside spread, 9-inch G2s, 8-inch G3s, and a 2 1/2-inch and 4-inch brow tines. I dragged him up the hillside and out to the field where I dressed him and loaded him into my truck. This is my best buck from this family land and one of y quickest hunts ever - less than an hour.
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