photo of a deer killed by Daniel Nortonphoto of a deer killed by Daniel Nortonphoto of a deer killed by Daniel Norton

Hunter: Daniel Norton

Points: 14 (6L, 8R)

County: Walton

Season: 2017-2018

Hunt Story

On the morning of November 24th, I was hunting along the side of a hardwood ridge overlooking a main travel trail between a creek bottom and some thick pines above me. At 7:25, I saw this buck walking by himself in a flat below me, about 80 yards away. There are several holly trees along the trail that he was using for cover as he walked, and he was basically headed straight toward me. I knew he was a huge buck as soon as I looked at him thru the scope. I thought about shooting him straight on while walking, in fear he was going to wind me and run off, but there were several tree tops and holly trees between us. I definitely didn't want to mess this opportunity up with a bullet deflection, therefore I decided to let him keep coming toward me. When he got about 40 yards below me, he turned slightly and held up behind some holly trees for about 15-20 seconds. When he started to walk again, I realized he was going to come out in the open hardwoods, essentially broadside to my stand. I got my Remington 30-06 pointed right where he would step out in the open. When he came in to the opening, I made a grunt noise with my mouth and he stopped. I then squeezed the trigger and dropped him in his tracks! He is the biggest buck that I have killed in over 35 years of hunting and that's including 5 trips to Saskatchewan. He is definitely a deer of a lifetime, and I'm very thankful to the good lord that I'm able to get out and enjoy this great sport! I am also thankful for my dad, grandpa and uncle for introducing me to hunting at an early age and teaching me the skills to help me be successful! It ignited a lifelong passion for deer hunting and has created some of the best memories of my life! After I shot this buck, I sat in the stand for about 15-20 minutes, just enjoying the moment! When I finally walked up and kneeled down next to this deer, it's like I saw my whole lifetime of hunting memories pass before me. It was a special moment to me and very thankful the good Lord gave me the opportunity to harvest such an amazing animal! I was glad to share the experience with my son, dad, brother, niece and one of my best friends. Thanks to them for helping me get him out and taking pictures! It was an awesome day, one that I will never forget!
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