photo of a deer killed by Daniel Moorephoto of a deer killed by Daniel Moorephoto of a deer killed by Daniel Moore

Hunter: Daniel Moore

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Wilcox

Season: 2020-2021

Hunt Story

About two weeks prior to this day, I was hunting one morning in a stand and I caught a big buck on camera. It was a good morning to hunt for sure. I saw five different bucks including the one I shot today. That morning I let him walk, telling myself if I see him again I’m gonna shoot him. I was after a bigger buck, that morning I saw the bigger buck, I just wasn’t able to get a good shot on him where I was sitting. So I went home with that feeling of defeat like every hunter has had before. I kept a positive attitude about it, and just kept hunting as any hunter would. So this afternoon I was running late checking cameras. The last camera was in a river bottom, and it was an overcast day. So I knew I wouldn’t be hunting in the woods. I figured my best bet would be in open area. So I went to a hayfield I’ve hunted pretty often. I get in the stand and it wasn’t no time deer were coming out everywhere. The big buck I’ve been after actually came out. When I saw him, my jaw dropped. Something bigger than him must have gotten ahold of him. He was all broke up, you could tell he’s been fighting hard. So I figured I did the right thing and just let him walk. I was thinking maybe just maybe he will be around next year. More does were coming out after he went in the woods. Then all of the sudden, the 8-point I let walk two weeks ago is right in front of me. He was running after a doe, I tried grunting but he wasn’t stopping. I knew I had to take the shot before he went in the woods. So I took a chance, I squeezed the trigger and boom. I knew I hit him, I heard a thud. I waited about 5 minutes, and couldn’t take no more. I got down out the stand and walked across the hayfield. I went to the spot where I saw him go in the bushes at. I walked in a little ways, my face lit up! He was down! Finally was able to take out a good buck this year!
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