photo of a deer killed by Daniel Gullionphoto of a deer killed by Daniel Gullionphoto of a deer killed by Daniel Gullion

Hunter: Daniel Gullion

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Putnam

Season: 2022-2023

Hunt Story

Me and two buddies got drawn for a 3 day hunt at BF Grant, this was our first time ever hunting this WMA… I got there a few days before our hunt start to put some scouting in and try to find some deer… Well it was the day before our hunt I found what I thought was the best deer/buck sign that I have seen… The first day was kinda slow we all saw some deer, I let a 7-point go that morning… So I found a new spot on OnX while sitting in the stand the first afternoon, my buddy Dale Anderson went to it that afternoon and saw some deer, so he told me I needed to go the next morning… The next morning we left the truck and he went one way I went the other and it turned out to be the right choice on my part… The morning started out with me seeing a doe and a decent 8-point, well it wasn’t long after I hit the grunt call and the 10-point came running in… After I took the shot I was pretty pumped up so I called my wife and told her then climbed down to go see him… Well my buddy was still hunting so I climbed back in the stand and I wasn’t in the stand 5 minutes and I had another 10-point walk less than 40 yards from me… It was one of the best hunts I have had on public land for sure…
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