photo of a deer killed by Dane Lancasterphoto of a deer killed by Dane Lancasterphoto of a deer killed by Dane Lancaster

Hunter: Dane Lancaster

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Jeff Davis

Season: 2018-2019

Hunt Story

My son and I found this area last year on the either-sex hunt. We saw a couple deer but didn't harvest anything. This year I came back to the same area. I put up my stand in a position to overlook several fresh scrapes and rubs. I put out some Tinks 69 the day before the hunt started. On the first morning of the hunt, I got in my stand about 6:15 am. I had high expectations since I had fresh sign and none else in the area. After almost 2 hours of nothing but squirrels, I looked over my right shoulder and saw him slipping through at about 60 yards without a sound. He was out of sight behind some thick bushes before I could get my gun up. I looked ahead and saw a small opening. When stepped into the opening, I shot and missed. Instead of running, he stopped and looked around. I bolted in another round and fired again, hitting him right behind the right front shoulder. He ran about 70 yards and dropped.
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