photo of a deer killed by Dalton Thurmondphoto of a deer killed by Dalton Thurmondphoto of a deer killed by Dalton Thurmond

Hunter: Dalton Thurmond

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Elbert

Season: 2019-2020

Hunt Story

The morning started off like any other morning. Me and my son Dalton (7) woke up to head to the stand in hopes of getting his first buck. We had no clue what adventure was awaiting us. It would turn out to be the most exciting hunt I have ever experienced. On our ride to the stand it was misting rain but would stop soon after we reached the stand. We climbed up and got settled in. An hour and a half would past by with no deer movement. Then at 8:05 I saw a deer stick its head out from behind a pine tree about 125 yards away getting ready to walk out into the food plot. I saw that it was a buck so I handed the AR-15 to Dalton so he could prepare to take aim. The buck stepped out perfect for a broadside shot. As Dalton found him in the scope it felt like forever. Most of the time the deer would cross the lane quickly but for him to stop it was like it was meant to be. Before Dalton squeezed the trigger he whispered Dad hold my ears. As I placed my hands on his ears he pulled the trigger. I watched the deer jump and run off holding its left front leg up. I knew he had hit him but i didn't know where. I told Dalton we needed to give him some time so we waited for 30 minutes before we would go to look for him. As time slowly past our anticipation grew. I was shaking with excitement. Dalton giggled at me and asked Dad why are you shaking. We climbed down and walked to where he was standing to look for signs of a hit. We didn't find any blood or hair but I could tell which way he went because of the disturbance in the pine needles. As we walked down the trail I saw him laying about 15 feet off the trail. I told Dalton to stand back while I checked to make sure he had expired. I then told him to come see what he had shot. I didn't realize at the time he shot it how nice of a buck he was. He had center punched the front shoulder with a perfect shot. As I was trying to catch my composure I heard Dalton counting. He said with excitement and a huge smile on his face Dad he is a 10 pointer. We had captured one picture of a 10 point on camera a few weeks back that we called the big 10. Turns out it was him. We tagged him and loaded him up to head back to camp to show him off. Another member at camp had his daughter with him. He said to her Kinsley tell them what you done last night. She said she had prayed for someone to shoot a nice deer. Well God answered that prayer in an awesome way. I can't imagine another hunt that will ever be more memorable than this one. Some dream to shoot that big buck they been chasing but to experience your child take there first buck in my opinion is far greater than any buck I could ever dream of shooting. It is a feeling you would have to experience to understand. After going by the processors we dropped the cape off at the taxidermist to have it mounted. Can't wait to see it hanging on the wall. When I told Dalton he might have a chance at being in the GON magazine his excitement grew. He said you mean i'm going to be famous and get to be in the magazine. I told him maybe but we would have to wait and see. Thanks for everything y'all do and happy hunting.
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