photo of a deer killed by Dalton McMahanphoto of a deer killed by Dalton McMahanphoto of a deer killed by Dalton McMahan

Hunter: Dalton McMahan

Points: 7 (3L, 4R)

County: Morgan

Season: 2016-2017

Hunt Story

On the first day of muzzleloader season, I was able to hunt using my rifle as I am 15 years old. On this morning my dad and I got to the woods well before daylight, and I was able to slip into a stand down in a hardwood bottom where I'd hunted several times during bow season. On at least three occasions before today I had seen this buck but had never been able to get a shot at him with my bow. Around 9 am, I just happened to be looking behind me when I saw this same buck bedded down about 40 yards away. I couldn't believe it, there he was and I had been able to slip in before daylight and climb a stand so close to this bedded buck! I had been texting my dad and letting him know about this buck while I sat watching him. After grunting at him several times he paid me little attention. Finally, I decided I could make a clear shot at his neck and shortly thereafter he was mine. Prior to harvesting this buck, I was even able to get a picture of him with my cell phone as he sat near me bedded down! I still can't believe how this hunt came about, but my dad and I are going to print out the text message traffic for a memory of this hunt.
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