photo of a deer killed by Dakota Heathphoto of a deer killed by Dakota Heathphoto of a deer killed by Dakota Heath

Hunter: Dakota Heath

Points: 7 (3L, 4R)

County: Monroe

Season: 2020-2021

Hunt Story

My Mama (Haley) and I decided to go out for an afternoon hunt and got in a little late. As we got into our double ladder stand around 5 p.m., we could already hear something walking. About 15-20 minutes into the hunt my Mama said she saw a deer to her right and behind the stand. It appeared to be a doe and was eating on the acorns in the oak grove bottom. We were enjoying watching the doe when we realized there were two deer. After taking a second look, we discovered it was a good buck!! We got turned around and I settled in for a shot. Once the buck gave me a clear shot, I took it!! It was a perfectly placed heart shot and the buck was down in sight! I cried with joy and hugged my Mama. After celebrating and calling the family, we unhooked ourselves and climbed down to recover my buck. It was truly a hunt I will never forget.
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