photo of a deer killed by Cyndi Chesnutphoto of a deer killed by Cyndi Chesnutphoto of a deer killed by Cyndi Chesnut

Hunter: Cyndi Chesnut

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Upson

Season: 2019-2020

Hunt Story

I was hunting late Saturday afternoon in a ladder stand situated on a hardwood ridge. I had just previously hunted this same stand 4 days prior and observed this same buck along with two small others following close behind two does. The set up however had not been ideal so I decided to wait for another day. So here I was again anticipating that I might get a better opportunity with the same buck. I began my hunt by rattling a few times then I just settled in and waited. As luck would have it the same big buck followed a doe back just as before. She came in about 30 yards and hesitated. I looked past her at approximately 60 yards and spotted him cautiously tracking her step for step. She actually stopped even with my stand and looked straight at me. I froze and remained still despite feeling I had been busted. My eyes switched back and forth between her and the buck who was now frozen in place, too. The doe finally relaxed enough and took a couple more steps and began chewing on some vines. Trying to watch both of them at the same time caused me to loose sight of the buck a few times. Then I was able to pick out his white chest and catch a glimpse of his antlers which appeared massive and very tall. Definitely a shooter I thought. I waited patiently until he presented enough of a shoulder to get my scope focused and shoot. As I shot he stumbled immediately. Just a few minutes past before I felt it was safe to assume he was down. I texted my friend who was hunting a short distance away and he came to check things out. I pointed down the ridge at where I was sure he went down. Next thing I knew he was throwing both arms over his head indicating how massive my buck was. Needless to say I was elated!
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