photo of a deer killed by Cory Croftphoto of a deer killed by Cory Croftphoto of a deer killed by Cory Croft

Hunter: Cory Croft

Points: 18 (8L, 10R)

County: Harris

Season: 2021-2022

Hunt Story

I had an opportunity at this buck in September and blew it. He disappeared for over a month. He finally showed back up on my cameras in November and actually in the daylight once. I decided to give him another try in the hopes he would show himself in the daylight. After a couple of uneventful hunts, I finally caught a glimpse of him bedded in a thicket less than 100 yds away. Over the next hour I could occasionally see his rack moving but he didn't leave the thicket until after dark. I decided to try him again the next morning. Shortly after daylight I had a buck chasing a doe behind me. Another buck joined the race and the two bucks began posturing and forgot about the doe. It was very foggy that morning and as I was scanning the woods with binoculars looking for the doe, I saw the buck bedded only 80 yards away! I could only see his head and rack above the grass he was bedded in and I had no shot. I was afraid this hunt would end like the evening before with a sighting but no shot opportunity. Fortunately, one of the other bucks that had been chasing the doe walked over to where he was bedded. This caused him to stand up and he finally gave me a shot opportunity. He only ran about 15yds after the shot. I was very fortunate to have one opportunity at a buck like this but to have a second opportunity is just unbelievable.
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