photo of a deer killed by Corey Curlesphoto of a deer killed by Corey Curlesphoto of a deer killed by Corey Curles

Hunter: Corey Curles

Points: 11 (6L, 5R)

County: Worth

Season: 2023-2024

Hunt Story

First I’d like to say my stand setup is one you would have to see to believe, I have a stand that leans against a wall inside of a old horse barn. I knew it would work out because they are so used to seeing it every day, also the sun can’t shine inside of it so it stays dark constantly and I blend right in. You honestly can’t even see the stand from 49 yards away, but it was an Afternoon sit and had already seen four different bucks and a few does walking in the bottom. They follow this drain bottom to and from bedding/feeding areas. When I finally spotted my buck I named “OT” just standing there, have no clue how long he truly had been standing there but he was. He makes his way to my shooting hole but stops 30 yards short of it, looks around and doesn’t see any corn and decides to turn around and head to the field with the other deer. I pulled back on 2 different occasions but he kept stopping in thick areas and didn’t want to risk the shot, he finally provided a clear shot at 44 yards.
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