photo of a deer killed by Connor Mcafeephoto of a deer killed by Connor Mcafeephoto of a deer killed by Connor Mcafee

Hunter: Connor Mcafee

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Johnson

Season: 2015-2016 (Week 5)

Hunt Story

I finally got the deer that we all set our goal on killing this year. My dad, twin brother and younger brother started getting pictures of this deer in September, all at night. On October 15th, we finally started getting daylight pictures of the buck 20 yards from my dad's bow stand. The next time we got daytime pictures of the buck was on opening day of gun season at 7:30 am. in front my deer stand on my time to hunt. My brothers and I take turns rotating hunts with my dad, but on this day I was going to watch my sister's softball team play in the state championship game and could not hunt. I was so disappointed when we checked the camera on Sunday afternoon knowing that I could have shot the deer. My time to go hunting finally came back around on Tuesday afternoon. My dad and I got in the stand around 5:30 pm and I said a prayer to God to let me see and kill the big 8. It was a very slow hunt, not seeing any deer until I saw a deer step out in the food plot around 7:10 pm. I told my dad there's a deer in the food plot. He grabbed my gun looked at him and immediately gave me the gun and told me to shoot. I put the gun up and shot and killed him at 65 yards . He is a main frame 8-point with sticker points on the base of each antler, making him a 10 pt. After a lot of hugging,high five, and fist bumping in the stand we got down to take a look at my trophy. When we got to him we celebrated again with a lot more fist pumping and high five. I gave thanks to God for allowing me to see and kill my biggest buck and my second buck this year. What a way to end my season. In the pics zoom in on the head between the deers antlers and look at the big knot. We're not sure what it is, can't wait to see what the taxidermist says it is. Good luck to my brothers on the rest of the season.
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