photo of a deer killed by Cole Richardsphoto of a deer killed by Cole Richardsphoto of a deer killed by Cole Richards

Hunter: Cole Richards

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Morgan

Season: 2023-2024

Hunt Story

I have been watching this deer for three years now. I bought a smaller tract of land a few years back in January and started getting this deer on camera before he dropped his horns, and last year he was on my list shoot list. He was a 9-pointer last year and ended up breaking one side off and damaging one of his eyes early November. I ended up seeing him last year on November 13th and let him pass because of his broken side. I ended up killing an 8-pointer that night that is in the low 130s and a great deer. So this year he was number one on the list again to go after. I had one encounter with this deer on opening day this year and of course he was right at last light and too far to shoot. I have sat maybe 15 times this year and the deer daylighted in my food plot it seemed every time I was not in the stand. I have been seeing other younger bucks pushing does already and knew it would be a good week to be in the stand. I had pictures of him on the back of my property pushing does at 6:38 AM and elected to get in the stand last night. I was watching a group of five does when I saw them all look down the road on the side of my property and I picked up my binoculars and he was coming chasing a doe. He followed the doe into my food plot and I shot him at about 100 yards and he ran about 50 yards and fell in the woods. I let my kids "track" him, which may have been the best part of it all. A great experience for sure and an awesome way to spend an afternoon after work enjoying God's creation. Thanks to my new baby boy Shep I got to work from the house this week!
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