photo of a deer killed by Colby Brownphoto of a deer killed by Colby Brownphoto of a deer killed by Colby Brown

Hunter: Colby Brown

Points: 9 (5L, 4R)

County: Wilkinson

Season: 2019-2020

Hunt Story

A few days before this hunt, we started seeing this buck show up on one of our trail cameras, working a scrape that has been used by several bucks this year. This buck was much bigger than the others, and I knew I wanted to get him if I could. The first few times he showed up were in the middle of the night, but on the Wednesday and Thursday before the Friday we hunted, he showed up in daylight in early morning and late afternoon. My dad and I planned to go after him Friday afternoon, and even though it was warm and the forecast called for some rain, the wind was good so we headed out and I got in the stand about 4:00 pm. I saw a few does and hogs early, and then about 6:00 it started to rain pretty good, but it finally stopped about 6:30. A spike came out in front of me with a few other deer behind in some thick stuff, but I could not tell what they were, and they eventually moved on. A few minutes later I could see movement about 80 yards to my right. I looked through my scope and could see tall wide antlers for sure. I knew it had to be the buck I was after. He stood in one place eating for a few minutes under some white oaks and then finally he turned broad side. I held behind his shoulder and slowly squeezed the trigger, and after the blast I could see that he was on the ground right where I shot. I immediately called my dad and told him I got him. He told me to stay in the stand until he got there, and about 20 minutes later he pulled up on the ATV. He said that was definitely the buck we were after. This is by far my biggest buck, and he will be going on the wall for sure!!
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