photo of a deer killed by Clint Hinesphoto of a deer killed by Clint Hinesphoto of a deer killed by Clint Hines

Hunter: Clint Hines

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Dodge

Season: 2023-2024

Hunt Story

I have trail-camera pictures of this buck last year and was unable to hunt all season, he showed up again this year at one of my feeder locations in velvet. I have not seen this buck in over a month, and he made the mistake of showing up at sunrise in my food plot I had planted during the spring. He came out about 80 yards to my left with another buck and started fighting as soon as they made their appearance onto the field. I could not make out the size of either buck since it was still well before sunrise and I was monitoring them through my binoculars to see better, I had around 20 does and some small bucks to my right on my newly planted food plot for fall. The bucks made their way about 450 yards from me where they ended up at a feeder location along with a half dozen does, as the sun began to clear the trees, I was able to get a clear view of the buck and immediately started trembling from adrenaline and excitement. The buck followed the does across the corner of the overgrown planted field and as the sun glistened on the side view of his rack, I took aim with my 300 PRC and carefully squeezed off a round. When I regained consciousness from the echo of the muzzle brake through my hard-sided blind the buck was nowhere in sight, I quickly rewound my camera in fear that I would see the buck sprinting from the field since the adrenaline had taken over me and I couldn't remember any of the actions I had taken up to that point but excitement set in when the screen revealed that he dropped in his tracks. I gathered myself and my things and after stumbling down my ladder I made my way through the sandspurs to collect the over-average rack in my hands.
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