photo of a deer killed by Clint Dodsonphoto of a deer killed by Clint Dodsonphoto of a deer killed by Clint Dodson

Hunter: Clint Dodson

Points: 11 (6L, 5R)

County: Jeff Davis

Season: 2023-2024

Hunt Story

I went to this setup looking for another buck that had shown up on my trail cam in the morning at 9 a.m. while I was sitting on the couch in the camp house drinking coffee. After showing the picture to my friend he told me "can't kill em sitting on the couch bud"! I told him, I'm going there this afternoon, I hope he shows back up! Well, the buck I was talking about didn't show up but the one that did is a buck of a lifetime! I got in the stand around 4:15 and the deer activity was amazing from the get-go. I saw 20+ different deer. A 10pt that was cruising checking out the does, all the tines on his left side were broke off so he got a pass. Besides he wasn't the target buck! A 6pt came running into the spot chasing out all the does. After what seemed like only an hour or so, the light was beginning to fade, getting down to the "magical last hour." I was beginning to think, well I guess today is his day again. Out of nowhere, all the deer started acting nervous and quickly exited the area. I scanned the area with my binoculars to see if maybe a coyote or bobcat or something else had spooked them. While looking at the end of the shooting lane, towards the firebreak 135 yards away, I saw an amazing set of antlers in the fading light. I immediately knew this is "him". I put down the binoculars and got the Browning Hells Canyon in 30-06 ready. In what seemed like an hour but was really only seconds, he walked in the side of the shooting lane broadside and put his head down. I settled the crosshairs on his shoulder and squeezed off the shot. He hit the ground immediately! DRT, down for the count! After the shot and seeing him lying on the ground, I started shaking almost in disbelief of what had happened. My first text was to my best friend and all I could type was, HELP! OMG! His reply...I'm on my way. When I walked up on him and put my hands on him, I realized just what a fantastic animal he was. Better than the one I was looking for!
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