photo of a deer killed by Clay Huffmanphoto of a deer killed by Clay Huffmanphoto of a deer killed by Clay Huffman

Hunter: Clay Huffman

Points: 11 (5L, 6R)

County: Twiggs

Season: 2021-2022

Hunt Story

Sitting with my wife on a large food plot in a tower stand on Monday, November 1st. Spotted a small buck chasing does in and around the field — 10 does total. Wife spotting with binoculars says, "big buck." I grabbed binoculars and said, "that's him, that's Dirk." He was approximately 165 yards where he entered the field showing interest in the does. After calming down I was able to put him down with one well-placed shot in the right shoulder. He fell in his tracks. After watching him lay there until dark we climbed down, took some pictures, and loaded him up to begin the process of getting him in the cooler. He smelled like he was in full rut. Caped him out for mounting and will make several pounds of sausage. One week prior I shot at this buck from a climber at 40 yards through the woods. Bullet hit a large grapevine and I recovered the copper jacket but no lead. No blood, no hair, no nothing. Backed out of area worried sick he was wounded or dead in the swamp. He showed up on camera alive and well the next morning.
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