photo of a deer killed by Clay Carlsonphoto of a deer killed by Clay Carlsonphoto of a deer killed by Clay Carlson

Hunter: Clay Carlson

Points: 12 (7L, 5R)

County: Greene

Season: 2018-2019

Hunt Story

I got to hunting camp Friday mid morning. Got dressed and went in the woods. The rain didn't bother me much cause I had some cover over my ladder stand. After hunting till 11:30 or so I’d had enough and was actually kind of wet. Back at camp I kicked around the idea of not even going back into the woods (now I’m glad I went) After words of encouragement from my wife and some guys at camp, I got dressed and headed for the woods. Getting in the stand about 4:30 pm. The wind was a pretty constant, making it almost impossible to hear the deer. My head was on a swivel but, I saw no deer. At about 6 pm I decided to try to make the last 45 minutes of the hunt standing. I turned around facing the thicket behind me. Still haven’t seen any deer, it was now 6:15. As I turned to my left, I saw him standing. He just appeared. I didn't see where he came from, and then he stopped broadside to me looking away from me about 75 yards. He never knew I was there, but I didn't have time to evaluate, judge, assess the deer. I just saw his rack and knew he was a shooter so, I shot. He ran about 60 yards and piled up next to a blowdown in the middle of the ridge.
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