photo of a deer killed by Chuck Pritchettphoto of a deer killed by Chuck Pritchettphoto of a deer killed by Chuck Pritchett

Hunter: Chuck Pritchett

Points: 9 (5L, 4R)

County: Glascock

Season: 2018-2019 (Week 5)

Hunt Story

My son had seen this buck face to face two weeks earlier bowhunting on the ground 1/2 mile away but couldn't get a shot. Little did we know until we checked several trail cameras that he was traveling much farther than that, at least a mile from there including this small tract of property. I really didn't expect for him to show up on this picture-perfect morning. I walked ever so quietly close to the bottom of my stand, waiting patiently for daylight before climbing my metal ladder stand trying not to spook any deer bedding close by. After carefully climbing into the stand well after daylight and just about sunrise, a buck appeared. Thinking he was one of several bucks I had on camera, I looked through my binoculars to check. Just then he started making this huge scrape moving his head back and forth nosing some branches above. Wow! I didn't expect this buck. Needless to say I quickly but carefully put the crosshairs on his shoulder and squeezed the trigger shooting through some branches. After the smoke cleared, I did not see anything or hear anything. But to my delight I found him 30 yards away from where I last seen him when I squeezed the trigger.
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